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CALLE 13 (Un éxito en USA, llenos en todos sus conciertos


Miles de personas fueron testigos de la fuerza del grupo Calle 13 ayer, en el Nokia Theatre, de la ciudad de Los Ángeles. Por más de 2 horas los intérpretes de “La Vuelta al Mundo” y “Latinoamérica”, contagiaron a todos los presentes con su propuesta “urbano alternativa” haciendo de la noche una velada inolvidable.

Calle 13 se encuentra trabajando en lo que será su próxima producción musical. Regresarán en el mes de julio a Atlanta y a Nueva York, donde estarán presentes en el LAMC 2012, para luego partir al continente europeo donde les espera una intensa gira por España , Francia , Alemania, Suiza y Holanda.


“With more Latin Grammys to their name than any group ever, Calle 13 should be a household name by now. Just make sure you say it right ("KAH-yay TREH-say"). The Puerto Rican rappers will be rounding out a three-night concert series …Calle 13’s genre-bending, politically charged hip-hop truly is the crowning jewel of the series, and the theater's sure to be packed and hot” – LA WEEKLY

“They are the Renaissance men of Latino music. The Puerto Rican duo that makes up Calle 13 are poets, advocates, romantics, social networkers, banned in a few countries ... oh yeah, they also can make your dance your bote, or butt, off. Considered one of the biggest sensations of Latin American music in recent times, Calle 13 is René Pérez Joglar, known as Residente, and Eduardo José Cabra Martínez, aka Visitante. The hip-hop group has conquered the pop music market without selling themselves out as brand-toting, attention-seeking artists, and instead have remained true to their mission of being a voice for the disenfranchised underdogs of tyrannous governments south of the border and beyond. With a fan base of millions predominately from Latin America, this self-proclaimed "voice of the little people" has no problem attracting and keeping an audience. That's exactly why Pachanga Fest organizers made Calle 13 the singular headliner of its opening night Friday. …controversy off the stage isn't the reason for the band's popularity. The music is their strongest asset. Each record has become more musically expressive and diverse, as well as more thoughtful and politically aware, without losing the ability to mesh it all into tantalizing grooves with the use of salsa, bossa nova, cumbia, tango and even electronic …they making some of the most interesting and exciting hip-hop in the world.” – Austin American Statesman
“[Calle 13] is a revolutionary voice for Latinos across the Americas. …this Grammy Award winning group continues to remain modest and real by gracefully balancing the fun with the forceful. Last night at the House of Blues, Calle 13 was ‘speaking the truth and causing some trouble.’…Calle 13 is not easy to classify into one musical genre… Residente stays away from the gangster persona that many rappers use as a crutch, and instead prefers to associate himself and his raps with those who struggle against discrimination, manipulation, and other social maladies that are prevalent throughout the Americans…. …Serious but fun revolution music presented by a group from Puerto Rico. …you can't deny the powerhouse that is Calle 13.”- Houston Press
Fechas en Europa
20 , Valladolid – Recinto Ferial
21, Avilés – Centro Cultural de Avilés
25 , Santiago de Compostela – Fiestas de Santiago
26 , Madrid - Cubierta de Leganés
27 , Barcelona – Salsa y Latín Jazz Barcelona Festival
28 , Francia , Vences – Festival Nuits du Sud
29, Francia, Vic Fesenzac – Festival Tempo Latino
3 , España , Badajoz – Parque Ferial
4, Portugal – Zambujerira do Mar- Festival Sudoeste
10 , España , Cambres, Galicia – Festival Brincadeira
11, España , Aranda del Duero – Festival Sonorama
13 , España , Toledo – Fiestas de Toledo
15 , Alemania , Berlin – C- Club
16 , Suecia , Malmo – Moriska Paviljonjen
17 , Alemania , Hamburg – Fabrik
18 , Holanda , Amsterdam – Paradiso
21 , España – Benicassim – Festival Rototom Sunsplash

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